Vinitex - Plaswire

Foliage wire available in 2.6mm, suited for vineyards, trellising berries and orchards. 

Vinitex - Plaswire is a lightweight, user-friendly, and cost-effective synthetic foliage wire. It has been used extensively throughout France in the viticulture industry for over 40 years.
The aim of the Vinitex - Plaswire system is to keep foliage off the ground, in turn reducing fungal disease, and keeping vines well-ventilated. This exposes the fruit to more sunlight, leading to uniform and earlier ripening.  

Why is Vinitex - Plaswire superior to steel wire?

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Unique polyester-based formulation.

The memory built into Vinitex allows it to be extended, whilst always returning to original tension.

No permanent wire strainers are required.

Unaffected by UV and does not rust.

User friendly – safe to work with and smooth to handle.

Vinitex is neutral to temperature change from -40°C to +70°C.

Saves labour – one person has been reported to tuck the equivalent of 4 to 5 times the amount compared to steel.

Vinitex has elasticity, allowing it to adapt to undulating ground while remaining under tension.

Lightweight – one coil of Vinitex No.3 (1300m) weighs only 10kg.

The smooth texture of Vinitex does not facilitate the attachment of tendrils 

Vinitex works with all mechanical vineyard equipment.