Oz Posts

Tired of digging holes? Tired of mixing cement? Tired of removing concrete? 

At Citiscape we are pleased to be able to offer Oz-Post Instant Post Holes.  

These take the mess and effort out of digging the foundations for your signposts!

How strong are they? 

For the Oz-posts tested in sand, failure was by overturning due to soil failure.  Thus, in better soil, the Oz-post strength would be expected to increase. For the S600 and SW600 Oz-posts tested in silty clay, failure was by compression blade buckling.  In better soils the Oz-post strength would not be expected to increase significantly. Comparable products were tested under the same conditions and failed to meet Oz-Post standards. 

3–5-minute installation time per post 

Australian design and made of 450 grade galvanized steel.

Sold in four lengths of “fin” sizes – 250, 350, 450 or 600mm

Oz-Posts tested up to 4.28KnM overturning moment for stability and durability in cyclone conditions 

Use Oz-Post insert tool for jackhammer – JH950. Use Oz-Post puller for easy removal of an Oz-Post from the ground.

Available for round or 80x40 posts. If a particular size is required, we can arrange this for you. Click here to view all OzPost options.

Automatic Flusher Valves

Australian Made & Easy To Install.

Automatic Flusher Valves For Viticulture And Agriculture, Allow The Air To Escape Quickly From Your Dripper System And Automatically Shut Off When The Water Reaches The Valve At The End Of The Line.

Made From Strong Lasting UV Stabilized Material. 

Every time you turn it on or off, the lines are flushed, eliminating the need to walk your lines to open taps or untie/retie hose ends, saving valuable time, labour and money.

Equally pressurizing the entire dripper line at once, giving equal irrigation to all plants along the line. When the water pressure is turned off, the automatic flusher valve opens, allowing flushing of mud and grit, with the drainage of your dripper system.

Pressure flushing of lines is easily obtained by inserting the wedge supplied into the valve, if required. Spiral fast tension ties can be used to fasten valve at the end of your dripper line to the support wire.


Australian made. Viniclips specially developed for the viticulture industry.

moulded from polyethylene UV stabilized plastic. Available in single or double ended clips. By design the load is carried by the screw rather than the clip. 

Screw pullout loads far exceed those of nails and staples. Posts are not subjected to hammer shock when screw-driving. No pre-drilling required.

Anchors, Couplers & Screws

Anchoring system for neat and easy use. Ideal for both Plaswire – Vinitex synthetic wire and Borderline wire use.

They are aluminium and hence non-corrosive, they provide a faster and neater way of installing wire

Available for: 2.5mm – 4.8mm wire

Rope Strainers

Made from high quality marine swivel shackle and blocks, stainless steel shackles, 10mm double braided rope. Australian made, The safe and only way to install synthetic wire 

Bracket and wedge