Aluminium Signposts

Our signposts are made from aluminium as it is a corrosion-resistant metal that naturally generates a protective coating. As a result, they are low on maintenance and won’t easily flake or rust. Out lightweight aluminium sign posts come in two sizes, 60 OD (50NB) and 80 x 40. 

View MTS/NATA Accredited Test Here

60 OD (50NB)

80 X 40

Designed for use in the City, Bush or Wetlands

Alloy Marine A grade is corrosion resistant with high tensile strength. Available in mill finish, anodised and powder-coated.

Lightweight and easy to carry (approx. one-third the weight of steel) Index groove for easy drilling. Custom lengths subject to mill quantities 

High tensile strength with internal webbing for strength 

Long lasting – but 100% recyclable. Approved by local government body as “sustainable choice product”. 

Suitable for use with concrete, OzPosts or direct into ground. More difficult for bending by vandals 

Flat sign fixing edge prevents round sign being easily spun by the wind (and vandals!) 

Accessories & Options

  • TD1 and TD2 aluminium brackets for 50 NB round 
  • Aluminium caps for round or rectangular 
  • Trilobular screws – anti-vandal 
  • OzPosts 
  • Anodized finishes – natural, bronze, gold, brown or black. 
  • Powder coating – with your choice of colour.
  • Custom pre-drilled holes 

Surface Finishing

Signposts which are anodised will not rust, flake or peel, offering a durable and hardwearing finish for maximum protection and appealing aesthetics. 

Matt “Natural” Anodising - Natural anodising is a popular finish. For harsh coastal areas as well as other high-corrosion environments, natural anodising in 25um offers the ultimate protection. 

Permak “Bronze” Anodising- Bronze anodising gives a timeless, heritage look, while maintaining maximum protection.  Available in champagne, light and dark bronze variations. 

Black Anodising- When choosing a black post, anodising is the best option and will prove to be both beautiful and durable.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a long-lasting, economical and durable finish with a range of over 100 different colour options .  A powder-coated surface will be more resistant against scratches, chipping, wear and fading compared to many other types of finishes.  Colour samples are available upon request. 

Powder-coating ex mill means the product is delivered, ready to install with no extra handling.  

Touch up spray cans are available for both anodised and powder coated finishes.

Low Carbon

Contains Recycled Content

Minimal Environmental Impact