Surface Finishing


Signposts which are anodised will not rust, flake or peel, offering a durable and hardwearing finish for maximum protection and appealing aesthetics.

Matt “Natural” Anodising

Natural anodising is a popular finish. For harsh coastal areas as well as other high-corrosion environments, natural anodising in 25um offers the ultimate protection.

Permak “Bronze” Anodising 

Bronze anodising gives a timeless, heritage look, while maintaining maximum protection.  Available in champagne, light and dark bronze variations.

Black Anodising

When choosing a black post, anodising is the best option and will prove to be both beautiful and durable.

Examples of available anodising options are below.


Powder coating is a long-lasting, economical and durable finish with a range of over 100 different colour options .  A powder-coated surface will be more resistant against scratches, chipping, wear and fading compared to many other types of finishes.  Colour samples are available upon request.

Powder-coating ex mill means the product is delivered, ready to install with no extra handling. 



Touch up spray cans are available for both anodised and powder coated finishes.