Tired of digging holes?

Tired of mixing cement?

Tired of removing concrete?

At Citiscape we are pleased to be an appointed distributor for Oz-Post Instant Post Holes.  These take the mess and effort out of digging the foundations for your sign posts!

'S' type with aluminium 60OD post and wedges
'S' type - use with firm soil
'SW' type - use with soft soil
OZ-BP-2 - bolt down post support
SAB - for 80x40 posts
Jack-hammer tool & level for installing OzPosts
  • 3-5 minute installation time per post
  • Australian design and made of 450 grade galvanized steel
  • Sold in four lengths of “fin” sizes – 250, 350, 450 or 600mm –  (we recommend using 600mm Oz-Posts for our signposts.  This will give best stability in all soil types)
  • Oz-Posts tested up to 4.28KnM overturning moment for stability and durability in cyclone conditions
  • Use Oz-Post insert tool for jackhammer – JH950
  • Use Oz-Post puller for easy removal of an Oz-Post from the ground


“Council has used Oz-Post supports since 1993, and has found them to be an extremely effective and economical way of installing posts. They provide a firm support which makes the replacement of posts quick with no digging required.”


“…Traditionally the signs were cemented in to the ground.
Although this method provided a secure footing, it was not maintenance friendly and the use of the Oz-Post has greatly increased the flexibility of sign placement….”


How strong are they?


  1. For the Oz-posts tested in sand, failure was by overturning due to soil failure.  Thus in better soil, the Oz-post strength would be expected to increase.
  2. For the S600 and SW600 Oz-posts tested in silty clay, failure was by compression blade buckling.  In better soils the Oz-post strength would not be expected to increase significantly.
  3. Similar products were tested under the same conditions and failed to meet Oz-Post standards.


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